Think Money

We help you turn your unused computing power into cash. Easily mine the most profitable crypto currencies, and get paid in USD, Bitcoin or Ethereum. Download today:

Recommended system requirements:
OS: Windows 7 & up
CPU: Intel i3 equivalents & up
GPU (Optional): 2GB memory & up

Make your PC work for YOU 100% of the time (instead of 90%* idling) * How people use their devices by Google, Sept 2016

Dead Simple

Just turn On/Off
It will do all the rest on its own.

400 Million can’t be wrong

Built by the team that accelerate the web for over 400 million users

One Stop Shop

So you don’t have to do anything apart from thinking on what to spend your new income..

Economy of Things

Like Airbnb to home owners and Uber to car owners – WinMiner generate income to computer owners

You are in Control

You call the shots – Start/Stop or remove at any time.

No Funny Business

We do what we say. Nothing hidden. No surprises

How it worksJust get and forget

  • We show you how much you can make
  • We get you as high a reward as possible for your computing power
  • Your files and data are always untouched and kept private
  • You cash out when you want ($10 min.)
WinMiner - live dashboard - track your earnings and monitor your mining rig
One click setup, and WinMiner is ready to start mining cryptocurrencies

Does making over $200 per month sounds like too much?or $10 per month too little?

Well, it all depends on your hardware and ever changing market prices.
We have seen gamers making over 200$ per month as  extra income and even weak machines making 10$ – 20$ of extra income. Really cool.

Our Vision

We are strong believers in the “Economy of Things”. We all own things that we paid for with money we earned through hard labor. Why not let the “Things” pay us back? Just like a land lord expects his vacant apartment to pay him the rent fee we should all expect our Things to pay us rent as well. Now that’s easier said than done, it requires making a market place for each type of Thing and managing supply and demand sides and enforce fair use etc. We have seen it being done by AirBnB to vacant rooms by Uber to vacant seats in a car, and now we are trying to do it for your computer (when you don’t use it).

We believe it should be simple

We believe it should be meaningful

We believe it should be done with full control kept by YOU the computer owner

So we created WinMiner 🙂
And we love to hear from you.


Recommended system requirements:

OS: Windows 7 & up

CPU: Intel i3 equivalents & up

GPU (Optional): 2GB memory & up

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much money can I make with my computer?

This depends on the quality of your computer hardware (how strong is your processor and/or your graphic card) and the work jobs available at any given moment.
To date we have on the network personal computers generating $80 per month all the way down to computers generating $10 per month.
We will do our best to get you the best results we can.

2. Is WinMiner safe to use?

Our application is 100% safe and is not engaged in anything else but getting your computer to perform work we can sell and earn you money.

We do not access your personal data.

We run the same software you can download here, on our farm computers as well as our family and friends computers so the proof is in the pudding..:-)

We may need to use third party software for the performing the work, and in such case we of course test those software before making it available to our computers and our users computers.

3. What type of work is my computer going to perform?

Our intention is to become a platform where projects needing massive computing power could seamlessly buy computing power from owners of personal computers around the world.

In the first phase, the work will mainly consist of contributing to the creation and trade of alternative currencies being developed and used in the New Economy. For example we may harness our network collective computing power to effectively mine a new or existing coin and then sell the rewards turning them into hard cash that we can then pass on to you.

4. How much do you charge for this service?

The service is free of charge. We do charge a processing fee from each party using the service (seller or buyer of processing power). Currently our fee is set at 3%.

5. Is it possible that your application is being flagged by my computer security application?

Yes, unfortunately this may happen as it often does to new services/software.
Please do let us know of any such matter ASAP so we can take it up with the relevant provider and solve the matter with no delays.

6. Will your application slow down my computer?

When in Auto Mode our software will detect and perform work only during time in which the PC was otherwise idle. If it detects that you move the mouse or hit the keyboard it will immediately cease work giving you all your computer power.
You can of course also choose to go full throttle all the time until you decide to turn it off or work in limited mode. You call the shots.

7. How do I get the money?

That’s a great question. We can transfer your balance in Bitcoins/Ethereum or Litecoin to your digital wallet or your USD balance to your PayPal account or Amazon or iTunes gift cards. Bank account transfers are possible (for high balance only). Transfer fees and cost will be borne by the user.
WinMiner is built in a way that users initiate the withdrawals – You could process withdrawal when your balance will exceed the minimum for withdrawal.
We currently offer a variety of payout methods:
1.PayPal – min amount $20
2.Altcoins – Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin transfers – min amount $10
3.iTunes and Amazon gift cards – min amount $20

We are here for you